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[...] I told Dean that when I was a kid and rode in cars I used to imagine I held a big scythe in my hand and cut down all the trees and posts and even sliced every hill that zoomed past the window. "Yes! Yes!" yelled Dean. "I used to do it too only different...

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“You have the heart, and the future will not beat without you.” In late may, Google chairman Eric Schmidt was invited to give a commencement speech at Boston University’s graduation. While he has spent most of his life in the technology sector, Eric Schmidt...

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On 9 November 2011 Sotheby’s will present in New-York Abstraction-Figuration: A Private Collection, a remarkable offering of paintings that thrive in the fertile space between abstraction and figuration. Tobias Meyer introduces 'Abstraction -- Figuration:...

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Tag(s) : #Culture
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