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Trying to determine the market size of the Internet of Things is like trying to calculate the market for plastics, circa 1940.
At that time, it was difficult to imagine that plastics could be in everything

- Georgetown University Communication, Culture & Technology professor Michael Nelson.

Internet of Things, IoT, is LeWeb'12 theme.

IoT? Yep. See how it'll revolutionise your devices!


This hyperconnected world is fueling the creation of an IoT that will bring devices, systems and people closer together.

LeWeb program will explore IoT from all of the angles, from the hottest new technologies, to how entrepreneurs are adapting and talk to industry visionaries about whether or not they think this next version of the Internet is truly the second Renaissance.

Are you ready for the Internet of Things?

If you want to suggest a speaker on the IoT theme, follow this link.
As far as I'mconcerned I'd be pleased to hear from Hans-Jurgen & Stefan.

I will be there. And you might too.

See you in Paris.



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