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The news has just fallen. Unless a miracle, there will be NO snow for LeWeb'11.
I know, you all are so disappointed .


But-do-not-panic! A wind of novelty will blow through the meeting.

Between December 6 and 10 the temperature in Paris should vary between 4 and 8° C with a wind of high to very high between clouds and sun.

My advice: Bonnet, scarf for fragile necks, gloves and warm coat.
But not too warm.
There will be of course checkrooms. But know that on an average day   you'll have to put your coat on and off a dozen times to walk through the various buildings which runs LeWeb.

Tip: Forget your moon-boots and Argos system.
However, if you're a fan of kite flying, there may be a slot on December 8 with a strong wind from SouthWest. Perfect day for the
weathercocks! *

See you there!


* Disclaimer: The weather report issued Thursday, December 1 is subject to change without notice. I decline all responsibility in case of climate change not specified here. Unfortunately, I am not yet Master of the weather.



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