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Arrington (Michael) - Expect uncrunched, blood, business, laughter & tears. And maybe some frog bashing. Hell, France loves you too, Michael!



Business - LeWeb brings together the most influential audience in the Internet ecosystem. Top industry entrepreneurs, executives, investors, senior press & bloggers gather to focus on the key issues and opportunities in the web marketplace.

Cuisine. French Cuisine. Welcome Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, official evenings events...
Expect Food. And Thoughts for food too!


December 2011 (7,8,9th) Expect to discover.

Eric Schmidt. Executive Chairman of Google.
The Queen Rania of this edition of LeWeb ;-)

F*cking 2 hours long Lunch Break - I know it's long but, hey, this is France. If too long, you can still do some networking. Expect great food & wine. Disclosure: Train yourself to speak with a glass of red wine. I mean in the hand. Even in France, wine glasses do not discuss.

Géraldine. Madame LeWeb. Also known as Madame Loïc Le Meur.
The backbone of the event.



Hotel - New: Water and electricity are now available everywhere in France. And soap too.
Book a hotel asap.

International - Expect to meet more than 3,000 participants from more than 60 countries.
Expect some fun listening to french people speaking english. Voila.



Judges - 5 for the StartUp Competition. Expect 32 amazing companies and some disclosures.

Kevin Systrom - CEO of Instagram. Did I tell you how much I love Instagram?

Let it snow - In these times of global warming, everyone does not have the privilege of seeing Paris under the snow. Only exceptional LeWeb editions are such rewarded.
Worldwide Press is focusing on: will it snow on LeWeb11?



Mayer (Marissa) - Madame Google. Expect intelligence from a specialist of artificial intelligence.

Nespresso - Caffeine-fueled breaks in the lounge. What else? - Networking. Everywhere, everytime, everybody.

Official cocktail - Official party - Official evenings events. Expect to be off at the end of LeWeb. Get plenty of sleep before arriving.



Paris - It says it all, no?

Questions - What is the impact of the truly mobilized workforce? Are “apps” the new Internet? How are the industry icons responding and adapting? What does all of this mean for the economy?
- Ask yours. Expect answers.

Renault - The official partner of LeWeb. Quality and humor in french version.

SoLoMo, the power triangle: Social-Local-Mobile to be explored this year - Speakers - Expect motivationnal speeches, intelligence, knowledge, experience and, hopefully, without jargon.

Tempest (Marco) - Expect to meet the virtual magic in person and for both sides of your brain.

Unbelievable crowd. Just have a look at the participants list.

Vavavoom - Don't forget: it's PARIS and with the people from the Internetz!


Website - All you need to know is there.

X mark - Buy your ticket If still for sale. Hurry up!

Youth and online activist - Expect Trevor Dougherty, a particularly empowered member of the Millennial Generation. “Out of the mouths of babes.”  What can we “old-timers” learn from kids these days?  They are fearless and full of ideas!

Ze French - Expect to meet ze French. It requires no special training, only a little understanding.
Expect us! See you there!

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