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Life has taught me that not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Such is life.
Life did not explain me why many of you are asking my opinion. Such is living.

So, this requires certain abilities and inclination for adventure, whereas being a breaker of dreams is so easy.

For all of the entrepeneurs I know, a constant is reached: the real complicated thing is not to undertake, but rather to find the balance to fight against those trying to prevent you, and those who try to push you even further.

Striking the right balance between not listening to dreams' breakers and not following blindly miracles' doers is not that easy.

Also, I would suggest that you might listen with one ear to the warnings of the dreams' breakers, while keeping a watchful eye on market realities when a miracle doer promises the moon, while focusing with the other eye to your instinct!

And if you doubt so hard that it prevents you from daring to undertake, remember that even the greatest men did not always have a relevant sense of predictions.

Rail travel at high speed is not possible because passengers, unable to breathe, would die of asphyxia.

- Dionysys Larder

Letter of encouragement to all of my friends entrepreneurs

Wishing perseverance to the ones who just begin, tenacity for the ones who still move forward (at high speed or not), lucidity, inspiration and courage for all of you...

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