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How I adore,
the chaos in them,
in them,
in them,
of you,
of you.

Archive - Chaos

Controlling Crowds is the sixth studio album by British trip-hop progressive and alternative group Archive.

It was released worldwide on March 30, 2009. The album contains three differents parts:

  1. Part I: Controlling Crowds ; Bullets; Words on Signs; Dangervisit; Quiet Time
  2. Part II: Collapse / Collide; Clones; Bastardised Ink; Kings of Speed; Whore
  3. Part III: Chaos; Razed to the Ground; Funeral

In the beginning the band wanted to include a fourth part. This fourth part was later released as Controlling Crowds – Part IV on 19 October 2009.

Tag(s) : #Friday Song
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